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The Oregon Deal Pages

    41 total items, including a jukebox, an EM shooting game, 7 pinballs, and 32 video games. Over 10,000 lbs. of wood, glass and metal. One 52' semi to haul them some 1300 miles from Oregon to Canon City, CO. 4 days and a trip to the Pacific Ocean later, I returned home to Indianapolis, IN much poorer and with little to do except create this page.

    First, here are the games. Some are available for sale, some are awaiting our repair efforts before they become available. Some are just plain OURS. A number in parenthesis next to the game indicates it's the second, third, whatever one of it we have. When making inquiries on those, please indicate which of them you are interested in, by number. Here's the color scheme: Blue = mine, Purple = Still with Bobo, Green= For Sale, Red = SOLD or in progress. Got it? Good. Check back here regularly as changes in availability are updated. If you're interested in any of these or have questions, please e-mail me.


Q: Where are the games located currently?
A: The games in green and blue are mine and safely in Indiana. All other games are, last I knew, in storage in Colorado.

Q: Why are they in Colorado when you're in Indiana?
A: It was easier to ship to Colorado and store them at Bobo's place temporarily.

Q: Who is this mysterious "Bobo" fellow?
A: Bobo is an alias and obviously not his real name, as I did not wish to put the fellow's name on this web page. Bobo's selling his games to the best of my knowledge. I have no more contact with him so please do not write me asking about his games.

Q: Can I take a look at the games?
A: For my games, e-mail me at and I'll work it out with you. For Bobo's games, I cannot help you there. Post a request on USENET's and he might see it.

Q: Are they for sale?
A: See the color chart, above? Anything in green is for sale by me. Anything in purple is potentially for sale by Bobo.  For Bobo's games, I cannot help you there. Post a request on USENET's and he might see it.

Q: What about shipping?
A: If you can pick up in the Indianapolis, IN area, that would be great. If not, I can arrange shipping through JackRabbit or a service like Forward Air. There will be a $75 crating/packing fee from me, plus the cost of shipping the item.

Q: Would you ship to me, rather than me picking it up from you?
A: Certainly! Simply pick a method of shipping and let us know where you are, etc. and we'll set it up.

Q: Why is it "The HELL Story"??
A: See the following page when you're done checking out the games. All will be explained, grasshopper.



Joust - Mine. Monitor replaced with brand-new one, mmm!
Double Dragon - Formerly Centipede. Horizontal JAMMA cabinet

Dig Dug (1) - Untested, told was dead. PERFECT sideart, etc. so going to repair and sell. $600 when done

Pole Position 2 - Formerly Pole Position. Works great!
Mr. Do's Wild Ride - DOA in Indy. Monitor shot, parted out..
Mr. Do's Castle - DOA in Indy. Wiring = rat's nest so parted out.
Frogger - Sold.
Moon Patrol - Sold.

Tron - Bobo's. Works, but needs joystick replacement. Came with a NOS stick.
Super Pac-Man
Mario Brothers
Time Pilot - Conversion kit, first I've seen.
Rescue Raider - Formerly Zaxxon. Heavy SOB. Scraped up sideart but works all the way.
Galaga 3 - Sides painted black, no sideart, CP overlay torn, excellent marquee, works all the way.
Fighting Basketball - Conversion, good shape, no sideart, bezel painted on glass, easily corrected.
Dig Dug (2) - In near-mint condition, plays perfectly. Typical burn-in.
Space Invaders - Great shape, plays great, a must for your collection!
Pleiades - Near-mint condition. You will not find another one this sharp. Works all the way. Sequel to Phoenix.
Popeye (1) - Works and looks great, display a bit dark but removing tinting will fix that.
Gunsmoke - No sideart, works well but needs a cap kit.
Time Soldiers - Works well but needs some bezel work and a cap kit.
Video Trivia - DOA.
Donkey Kong 3 - Generally good shape, torn-up sideart, no power supply. DOA.
Fast Draw - Formerly a converted(?) Defender. Stencil art underneath. CP and marquee are good. DOA.
Mr. Do - Was supposed to come out instead of Mr. Do's Wild Ride. OK shape, no sideart, No monitor. DOA.
Sprint 2 - Untested, told was dead.
The Fairyland Story- No monitor, unknown board condition. Formerly Popeye.
Popeye (2)- No sideart, CP = good, missing monitor and front glass. No power. Unknown board condition.
Pac-Man - Cab is a little rough but works great.
Champion Baseball 2 - SALE IN PROGRESS.
Exerion - SALE IN PROGRESS, no monitor, etc., being converted to MAME cabinet. Parts available.
Donkey Kong - Was supposed to be mine, but was not shipped with rest of games.


General notes: We didn't get much time to look at the pins, try out everything, make sure every bumper and spinner and flipper, etc. worked. In fact, a couple we don't know if they play at all. We intend to plug them in and get them tested, and get some more pictures of them. At the moment we only have pictures of Spy Hunter, Flash Gordon, and Joust. I know the Spy Hunter works, and I may have played a couple balls of Flash Gordon. More to follow as we get information. If you want to light a fire under Bobo, act interested in buying one of 'em :)

Joust - Mine. Yes, I have a Joust trifecta now. It even plays! Playfield is now restored and can be seen here.

Mata Hari (2) - This one is a bit rougher than the other. Did some work on it, does fine now.
Flash - In Indy. Was supposed to have a spare backglass for this one but it didn't arrive. Works fine now.

Flash Gordon - Playfield has some rough spots, the head glass looks good.
Mata Hari - Not bad, needs some adjustments.
Strikes and Spares - Rough. I don't think it even powers up.
Spy Hunter - According to the former owner, recently shopped.

Electro-Mechanical (EM):

Williams 'Spooks' - Non-working at the moment. Sold to someone who knows what they're doing.

A NSM jukebox - Bobo's. Non-working, instructions in GERMAN, but at least he has the manual..

Misc. Parts:

Exerion - boardset and marquee, unknown if working or not, as was in dead game.

    Here are links to a couple of slideshow pages. Take a look through the pictures, and remember that most of the games you see are available for sale, just e-mail me with a reasonable offer. Keep in mind this was NOT a warehouse find, but a bulk deal from an operator/collector, done to secure a couple of items in specific.

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    Both slideshows will attempt to start before all pictures are loaded. If it looks like you're missing some pictures, please hit the STOP button on the slideshow control bar, and flip through each one manually, using the FF button. Once you've cycled through them all, you may hit PLAY and it will work "hands-free" for you. I'd fix them so it will not begin cycling through the pictures until they have all loaded, but with 86 pictures averaging 50K each (for the high-bandwidth show), that could exceed the browser cache size you have allocated, and would be pointless.

Let me know what you think!


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