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Omega Race (Bally/Midway, 1981)

Omega Race mini cabinet

    Midway, a Bally company, created this black-and-white vector game. Like Space Duel, the player's ship rotates freely in all directions and continues to move until it hits something or thrust is applied in another direction. Unlike Space Duel, your goal is to destroy the space ships opposing you. Many copies of this game were produced, including cockpit versions, but few survive today due to the placement of a Ni-Cad rechargeable battery at the top of the main board. The battery usually leaked after a few years, corroding the board and making it non-functional. If your Omega Race mainboard has the original battery, REMOVE IT NOW!

    Stop by my Omega Race Board Repair page for more info on what battery damage can do to classic game boards!


    Omega Race is my most recent acquisition, and another Ebay purchase. I picked it up in February using my friend's pickup truck this time, and brought it over to my apartment with no incident. The TRANSPORT may have been without incident, but getting the furniture dolley to move the game was an ordeal. It seems that starting in 2000, U-Haul requires renters to present their thumbprint when renting anything from a gigantic truck to a lowly blanket. It doesn't matter whether you've rented incident-free from them in the past, they still require it. I don't have a problem with them requiring several forms of ID, credit cards, etc., but in my opinion no one outside of the U.S. Government (who DO have my prints, for my security clearance) needs to have my biometric information. I won't go into it any more than to say I have no criminal record and have nothing to hide from anyone, I simply wish to cling to what shreds of privacy we Americans possess. A copy of the letter I sent to U-Haul proclaiming my boycott of their services may be found here.

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