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News Archive - Beginning of Time to December 2000


December 12, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    I've moved into a house, and am able to collect my games from their various locations and put them all into more or less one area. I'm going to need someplace to show off my Discs of Tron environmental unit when I get it here sometime in February. I'm working on my Galagas, it's coming along slowly.. I need a new monitor cable, or to re-wire my existing one, that should be fun! I've also managed to screw something up on one of my video boards, so I'll be comparing it with another to see where exactly I've screwed up. Finally, I've got my Joust 2 game in the house, woohoo! On order from Bob Roberts is a new power supply, which I'll put in sometime next week to fix the +5v load problem I've been experiencing with the original supply. So, as you can see, I've been quite busy, moving aside, but promise to have a more complete update on DoT, Joust 2, and Galaga by the middle of January. I'm taking a trip over New Year's to visit my DoT, and do some work on it while I'm there, hence the long delay between this update and the next.

November 10, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    Before you go to the auction pictures, please note the page + pictures = 1MB, so you're forewarned. Here's the link to the pics + results:  Nov. 4th Indy auction. It was a great turnout as far as games were concerned, though I am sure some of the sellers were a bit disappointed by the small crowd. It was a buyer's market, that's for sure. I walked off with a 2 Galagas, a mini and a full size. I'll post pictures of them in a Galaga section when I get some time free from shopping the mini. I would like to be rid of the full-sized, and would be willing to trade it straight up for a Cyberball 2072 4-player + shipping. Interested parties please e-mail me. Check out the Joust 2 link below, it actually works now.

October 6, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    I SHATTERED my high score for a single-player, 2 ship Space Duel game last night - 94,270 points! I believe I died on the Level 10 bonus section, just short of Level 11. Level 10 is funky, it's as if the designers took a gold-edged TMA-1 (ObSciFi: The black domino from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and spun it on it's short end, but flat, not on it's corner. No, I've never played with invincible mode on or at the lowest difficulty, so it's the first time I've seen past level 8.

    The real reason for the update is to announce my latest acquisition, Joust 2.  A friend of mine who runs a comic book shop in Indy had the upright in his store, and actually owned it. I bought it (non-working) for $150 and took it to a co-worker's place to work on. For the time being, it resides there, in various states of disassembly. I'm learning quite a bit about component-level electronics diagnosis and repair, visit the page for related pictures and information.

September 17, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    I went to the USAmusements auction in Indy yesterday. Didn't get anything, but met some new collectors and took these fine pictures for your enjoyment. Be warned, there's 27 30-40KB JPEG pics on the page. Prices for the ones I saw auctioned are listed above the relevant pictures. Click here to see the pictures page. Did anyone see what that Star Wars pinball game went for? Drop me a line and let me know! If you're visiting from RGVAC please take a few minutes to look at the other pages on my site.

August 27, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    Just checking in with a brief update: my Environmental Discs of Tron game is in the Forward Air pipeline as we speak! Soon, very soon, the object of my desires shall be mine, muahahaha! *Ahem* I've added some pictures from one of the Indy auctions (1999) in case anyone wants to take a look at them. Lots and lots of classics here. If you have any questions about any of the games pictured, leave them on the message board or email me.

July 31, 2000 5:00PM EST:

    Well, with the summer auctions non-existent here in Indy, it's been a quiet month, not a lot to report until this week: I bought a cockpit Sinistar! Fellow collector Andy Stewart acquired the cockpit some time ago, and had planned to trade it for a working Centipede UR. That fell through, and as Andy's possibly relocating soon he put up several games for sale.  I knew a friend in Colorado Springs would be interested in it, so I bought it and hauled it home, where it languishes in my garage, awaiting a new home. It's missing all 5 CPU and sound boards, and needs lots of TLC, but since I'm just a middle-man, who cares :) I do have pictures of the beast, courtesy of Andy, stored here for your viewing convenience. But wait, there's more.. my Holy Grail of Arcade Games, Discs of Tron, is being shipped to my friend in the Springs soon. Not just ANY Discs of Tron.. it's an environmental. I'll definitely be adding a page for DoT:E as soon as I get it in my hot little hands.

June 30, 2000 1:00PM EST:

    Wow, its been a LONG time hasn't it? Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I've been dealing with real-world things for a while now and finally have the time and inclination to work on the site a bit.. okay, you caught me, I'm actually procrastinating troubleshooting my new Linux installation. Sue me. I wanted to discuss a couple of things here. First of all, my message board is pretty much empty. Please, take a minute to look through the site and then go to the message board and share something there. It could be feedback on the site, comments about things I did right/wrong in my adventures, anecdotes about your own experiences, or just a "Hello". I'm not particular. Second, check out the Space Duel page for info about the EAROM chip I installed to save the high scores. Lastly, if anyone has information regarding high score saving capabilities of Time Pilot or Gyruss, please contact me via the message board or email me.

March 5, 2000 6:00PM EST:

    Holy cow! It's a wonderful day here, sunny and warm but here I am updating this page! I promised I'd post some items about the Indy auction here, but first.. I'd like to announce this page has won it's first major award! I received notice yesterday Madoc's Arcade has been given the "Eye Site Award" for 2000! Also, I've added the Omega Race info to it's page, check it out here.

    Now, about the auction - this is the first one I've actually stayed for the start of. I confess, the few times I've been before was simply to plug the games in and relive a piece of my childhood. This time I decided I would try for a Galaga, or a Discs of Tron (environmental, of course!). Auctions have been represented by rgvac'ers as being a place to buy classic arcade games "on the cheap". Unfortunately, either supply-and-demand or Ebay fever took hold at this auction, because there were only a couple of games in the first row that went for a reasonable price. If you plan on going to the next auction here, make plans to show up about 9am to check things out, then stake out a chair until they start the bidding on the piddly items. Once they're done with the small things and the cocktails, they start with the first row of games. You'll know this row even before they start the auction, because it will likely be the one holding every Galaga game there. Once done with that row, they switch over to skee-ball and pins, so feel free to take a long lunch. I couldn't stay to see the rest of the standups auctioned, since I had to work at 4pm and they didn't START on pinballs until 2pm.

    First up: cocktail-style games. They had a non-working Galaxian there that sold for $300! Out of two Ms. Pac-Man cocktails, one had a working board (I suspected it wasn't a Ms. Pac board though) but dead monitor, the other kept repeating the same sounds during power-up but at least the monitor worked. The first went for $550, the second for something similar. A dead Asteroids cocktail sold for $140 - don't know what was wrong with it - and a working one went for $370. I was tempted to bid on that one but I wanted to save my money for something in the first row of stand-ups.

    Getting to the first row, the VERY FIRST machine up for bid was a mini-cabaret Galaga, working except for the sound. I wanted it bad, but not $675 worth of want! Next to it was a Centipede mini, which I bid on for Trish, but it went for $370. I should mention this Centipede had very bad Pac-Man burn on it, and it also did not have working sound. One of the next games was another mini-Galaga. Jon Rabus and I were looking at it before the bidding, and realized that though the monitor worked, and it had an intact CP and whatever, it wasn't going to work in general WITHOUT THE BOARDSET! That game went for ... wait for it... $475!! UNBELIEVABLE! A Ms. Pac in decent shape with a speed-up chip went for $525, a nice Gyruss UR for $195, Millipede for $285, and an UGLY converted-to-Galaga for $450 (don't know if it was working, it was a late arrival). A clean Space Invaders sold for $195, A Centipede UR sold for $505, and a Tempest UR (I'd say it's in the same general condition as my Space Duel CP and cabinet, maybe a 7/10) with the top half of the screen compressed into a single line in the middle of the screen sold for $475! Other machines I looked at but were in a different row were X-Men (6-player with a blue wood PLANK for a CP) and Rampage World Tour (green tint to monitor, played well). There was one Ms. Pac game with a fantastic-looking cabinet, and a second one in the same shape except for an oddly-colored marquee, sitting in the back row of the place, hope to find out what those went for. A couple was selling 5 sets of Ms. Pac art - CP, side-art, front-side, and yellow T-molding - for $200 a set. Wish Andy had been there, he might have been able to use it for his Ms. Pac project.

    All-in-all, it was an educational experience, and yet another reason to track down un-spoiled warehouses of classic games to liberate them from their cruel masters ;-)

March 1, 2000 3:00PM EST:

    I've made some changes to the Space Duel and Gyruss pages, and should have the Omega Race pages done by the 5th. The message board is operational and ready for your feedback! If you have info to add about the games featured here, helpful restoration hints, or just want to say "Hi", be sure to leave me a note here, or Email me.

    The USAmusement Auction folks are coming back to Indy this Saturday, March 4th, at the State Fair Grounds. Andy Stewart, Jon Rabus and myself will be there for at least part of the auction. I'll try to get some pics to post here for you!

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