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Super Spacefortress Macross (Fabtek, 1992)

Macross Plus (Banpresto, 1996)


    Super Spacefortress Macross and Macross Plus are vertical-scrolling, JAMMA shooter games based on the old Japanese anime films of similar name. The Robotech cartoons many of you may be familiar with were also taken from these films. When I heard there were arcade games available with the Robotech theme, I jumped at the chance to get a couple. The only problem was, I didn't have a JAMMA cabinet to play them. This explains why I have the monstrosity you see, above.

    In both games, you control a fighter plane, and have to fight your way through 7 levels of enemies and bosses, collecting power-ups as you go. In SSM, once you complete the game, you don't get a cool animated sequence, you have to beat the game yet AGAIN, and get to watch Min-Mei tapping her foot. At least she doesn't say 1-2-3-4 ad nauseum. In Macross Plus, you can choose between three different characters, all with different special attacks, a different ending is shown for each character, and you only have to beat the game once before getting to see it.


    Since I bought the game at auction locally, I was able to enlist the assistance of a fellow collector, Kris Sandrick, to help me haul the cabinet home.

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