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Gyruss (Centuri/Konami, 1983)

Time Pilot (Centuri/Konami, 1982)

Gyruss cocktail cabinet

    I list both games here because Gyruss and Time Pilot use the same wiring harness and are easy substituted for each other in a machine. In this case, I have a cocktail cabinet that was converted from who knows what to Gyruss. I bought a Time Pilot boardset, removed the Gyruss boardset then installed the Time Pilot boards. The switch took five minutes. I only wish all arcade games were this easy to swap in and out! Before JAMMA,  each game manufacturer use their own logic to wire their boards to the various game components. Those games that had similar-enough wiring schemes were said to be of that company or game's "conversion class". Gyruss and Time Pilot are conversion class Konami. Space Duel is conversion class Atari Color Vector, along with Tempest. Some games, like Midway's Omega Race have no conversion class.

    I purchased this game using Ebay, in late 1999. It arrived in working condition, but was cosmetically in much worse condition than the Space Duel game.


    Again, this game was shipped to me using the Forward Air service. As with my Space Duel experience, shipping was charged to me at time of pickup. This time, I was better prepared to get the game - or so I thought. I enlisted the aid of my girlfriend, Trish, and her pickup truck. They brought the game on it's pallet out to the truck on a fork-lift, but we had to remove the pallet before loading it on the truck because the truck's tailgate was stuck in the upright position. Fortunately the game weighed less than 150lbs, and getting it in and out wasn't too difficult, even with the crippled tailgate.

JAMMA: The standard for arcade game control panel and game board connections. It was introduced in the mid- to late-1980's in an effort to allow arcade operators to re-use more equipment and to save time and trouble when it came time to convert say, Tekken 2 to Tekken 3.  Back to the top.

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