Last updated: January 18, 2001 3:00PM EST - Added a LOT of info from my recent trip to visit the game!

Discs of Tron (Bally Midway, 1983)

Discs of Tron Environmental, stolen from KLOV until I can take a picture of mine

    Above is a picture of what the game would look like new and with everything together. Mine is not in that condition, in fact it is in several pieces currently. Until I re-assemble the game, I'll leave this picture up here as inspiration to acheive my goal of restoring this fine machine.    

    Yes, it's my Holy Grail of arcade games... Discs of Tron, the environmental version. I'll refer to it as DoT:E rather than by the full name. I originally had the idea to go after this game in 1996. I mentioned it to a friend who runs a comic book shop in Anderson, IN. He contacted his operator, who brought out a DoT:E to put on location at his store. Now, I really wanted to buy it, but the operator was charging $700 (remember, this is pre-Ebay!) for it, which I didn't have at the time - I had just bought a new car and was moving, plus saving for school, etc. etc. A few months later, when I got my finances in order, I called my friend and asked him to find out if the op was still selling the game. Unfortunately, he came back and said the op had PARTED THE GAME OUT. Ooooh, the pain!

    So, the dream stayed just that, until in early 2000 I saw an ad on rgvam for one in Phoenix. My friend in Colorado Springs said he'd pick it up for me, and sent the seller a deposit for the game. Well, signals got crossed, addresses were lost, and after a few months it didn't look like I was going to get that one after all. I saw another post on rgvam offering a DoT:E for sale, also in Phoenix, saying he thought he had it sold but hadn't heard from the buyer after the initial $100 deposit. I put the two in touch again and soon had a DoT:E - in Colorado Springs. I don't own a truck, but my friend does, so next time he drives out to visit his family (March 2001?) he'll drop it off at my house, and pick up the Sinistar cockpit I have been holding for him. I'll be the proud possessor of Discs of Tron Environment cabinet number DOTR-SU 383-00114!

    Discs of Tron is a game based on the Disney movie, "Tron". The player has to defeat the evil Sark at Discs, by de-resing him. You can de-res Sark by hitting him directly with a disc, or by de-resing the disc he's in the process of jumping onto. The player uses an 8-way joystick and an optical controller to play. The optical control knob may be pushed down or pulled up, as in later stages the platforms are of varying height. The player may use the Deflect button on his joystick to deflect a limited number of discs from hitting him. In the environmental version of the game, there is a speech processor, allowing Sark to speak to you while you are playing. I think the most appealing thing about the environmental version is that you stand inside of it, enveloped in blacklights and sound, making you feel like you are IN the game, which is what TRON was all about. You just don't get the same feel when playing the stand-alone version of the game. The artwork is impressive, especially the backglass image of  Tron holding the disc above his head.

    The game plays, but the cabinet has a great deal of water damage and has been chopped into two pieces for easier transport. There is a LOT of work to be done on this game to get it back to it's former glory!


    This will be a bear - these games weigh between 600-700 lbs, fully assembled. Ed hauled this from Phoenix to Colorado Springs, and will be putting it in a truck or trailer when he drives out to visit in March 2001. Since this one is a cut-away, it should be much easier to move around, get indoors, etc. Fortunately, I'll have help getting it in the house. I just have to figure out where to put it!

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