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Indy Auction (April 28, 2001) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    As with the January auction, I used my digital camera at this event. Because of this, I took a LOT of pictures. To be kind, I've only loaded poor-quality thumbnails on this page. Click on the picture to take a look at the larger, clearer image, then hit your "Back" button to come back to this page.

    This was an interesting and profitable auction for me. For the first time, I brought a game to sell there, an upright Galaga, the same one I bought back in November 2000 at the auction. I had recently purchased a Super Spacefortress Macross board and needed a vertical JAMMA cab, so picked up a Twin Eagle game (Pac-man conversion), as well as a junk Enduro Racer cab (it wouldn't sell, they said "$1 gets it" and I could use the parts). Also managed to get a couple of boxes of manuals for both pinball and vids. There was great fun playing "Spot the Bad Conversion", as there were two that were immediate eyesores: a Super Dodge Ball (converted from REACTOR!) and Frogger (I think it was formerly a Williams game of some sort).  This was the last auction in Indianapolis for the season. They'll resume operations here sometime in the fall, stay tuned for more information as I find it.

    The most unusual thing about this particular auction was the lack of cocktail games - there was only ONE! I didn't even bother to get a pic or make a note of what it was, after seeing  it wasn't TRON or Tempest. The classics were pretty slim pickings, and half the first row was dead or dying Saturday morning. My Galaga was the only one there for once. There was only one Ms. Pac-Man, a 25" conversion. I'm sorry, I missed the prices of the first few games as I didn't get over there in time to see them sell. I HAD the prices for the third and fourth rows, but my tape recorder batteries died without my realizing it. As I said, there were few classics there, but there were fewer ops there than I'm used to seeing. Lots of collectors in attendence, many familiar faces see and some new friendships struck. Finally got to meet some of the frequent posters from RGVAC in-person. This auction had a few games I was not used to seeing here, namely Burgertime, R-Type and Eagle. Hopefully, a Sinistar or Discs of Tron will show up at the next one :)

See if you can spot all the conversions in the below pictures, and send me an e-mail with your vote for the worst conversion of this auction. I'll start a running feature, and the conversion that gets the most votes from each auction will go into a special "Hall of Shame" section on the site. Check out the previous auctions I have pictures from on this site and submit candidates from those as well. Just make sure you tell me the picture name (right click and look for the "View Image" or similar option, it should tell you the file name) and which auction it's from. Submit your entries here.

Descriptions are above, the pics they're referring to are beneath. Here's the classics row in the order they were auctioned:

Roadblasters, Dig-Dug, Burgertime


Off Road (not working) = $30, Attax (picture no coinup) = $90, Pole Position (dead) = $60


Q-Bert (dead) = $180, Gorf (no power) = $160, Rally Ball = $20... YES this is the FIRST ROW :(


Eagle = $200, Quiz and Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons with modern trivia questions, whose lame idea was THAT?) = $170, Pole Position (no picture) = $210


AfterBurner = $205, Outrun = $310, Sly Spy = $180


Chase H.Q. = $90, Pinball Action = $100, R-Type = $90


Frogger (note the glittery frog stickers - there's a distinct possibility that's not the original art :) = $150, Baby Pac-Man (no picture) = $225


Super Hang-On = $265, Donkey Kong = $255, Galaga (my baby *sniff*) = $650


Mario Bros. = $235, Hang-On = 160


Burger Time = $500, Gals Panic = $110.. I don't remember seeing the KAGE moved, what happened to it? Another R-Type (not pictured) was auctioned here for $150, and another Sly Spy (not pictured) went for $125


In a departure from tradition, they went straight from the first row into the second row!  Great 1000 Mile Rally = $300, Golden Tee 3D(?) = $425, Wrestlefest = $275, Killer Instinct 2 = $425


Blitz = $400, Captain Command (no power) = $225, Hang Time = $275, Golden Tee '99 = $1000


 Virtua Fighter = $325, Road Rider = $200, NBA Jam = $400, Golden Tee '98 = $800


Ms. Pac-Man = $625, Surf Planet = $825, X-Men Children Of The Atom = $175, Golden Tee '97 = $375


Maximum Hangtime = $450, Ultimate Mortal Combat (dead) = $275, NBA Play-by-Play = $1500


Police Trainer = $600, Road Riot (monitor colors everything blue) = $145, Takken 2 = $700


Golden Tee '97 = $375, X-Men vs. Street Fighter (monitor problems) = $350, House of the Dead (with the usual suspects playing it pictured below) = $2200


Radikal Bikers = $1125, Zombie Raid (vertical hold problem) = $475, Blitz '99 (plays blind) = $450


Surf Planet = $725, Fisherman's Bait = $650, Golden Tee 2K = $1700, Indy Heat = $115, Deer Hunting USA (not pictured) = somewhere over $1500?!?


Third Row, victim of dead batteries..







Sky Shark went for $60 I believe.


My new baby! Twin Eagles = $65. Got it home (thanks, Kris!) and removed the offending game, and installed Super Spacefortress Macross PCB instead. Works fine.


I'm still kicking myself for not getting this Afterburner. I think it went for something around $110.


Troy (of arcadeunlimited fame) actually bought this TOKI game just for the speaker grille - apparently used in Moon Patrol.



Sorry, I couldn't resist :)


Cobra Command cockpit, can you guess what it started life as?


Nice Pole Position cockpit!


Le Row de Morte. Hmm.. something strange going on here.. that Super Dodge Ball cabinet on the end looks kinda familiar..



Hey, my Enduro Racer! Ain't it a beauty? Only $1! If you want the stripped cab, it's yours, free, pick it up at my home in Indianapolis! Oh, you're looking at the middle cabinet. Silly. Yes, that's FIREFOX in the dead row. It went for something over $200. Keep looking..


YES! The Firefox has boards, harness and other equipment seemingly intact!


Well, almost intact.. seems the LD player went AWOL. Fortunately that will soon be a small problem.


In case you wondered what was special about Super Dodge Ball...


Hmm... looks like a steal... $10 took this bad boy home!


And here's why.. you're not looking at Reactor boards in here folks. This is the Super Dodge Ball board.


And because my camera holds up to 60 pictures here's some of the more interesting pins: Monte Carlo, another in Darva Conger's collection perhaps?


Eight Ball Deluxe


Funny.. I was in "The Zone" once, and don't remember any women in skin-tight rubber suits rubbing against ME!


Wow... pinball like you've never seen it before. The backglass is broken quite badly.


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