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Indianapolis USAmusement Auction (September 27, 2002) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    To be kind, I've only loaded poor-quality thumbnails on this page. Click on the picture to take a look at the larger, clearer image, then hit your "Back" button to come back to this page.

    It's that time again, USAA auction time!  This time around, the auction was somewhat small, but not TOO bad. Lots of entertaining pictures below. None of the prices are posted - I could only stay for pictures and a few of the misc. junk items at the beginning.

    This auction's front-runner for the Bad Conversion award: my vote is NOT for the game formerly known as "Tapper", believe it or not. I rather hated the Gauntlet-to-Wrestlefest as well, but that didn't get my vote either. How about the ugly-as-hell trackball game down in the 3rd row? I'll point it out below in the appropriate place. It was criminal, really.

    See if you can spot all the conversions in the below pictures, and send me an e-mail with your vote for the worst conversion of this auction. I'll start a running feature, and the conversion that gets the most votes from each auction will go into a special "Hall of Shame" section on the site. Check out the previous auctions I have pictures from on this site and submit candidates from those as well. Just make sure you tell me the picture name (right click and look for the "View Image" or similar option, it should tell you the file name) and which auction it's from. Submit your entries here.


Galaga/Ms. Pac combo

Not real sure what this was

Moon Patrol and "something else"

Two more I don't remember

Row 1(left to right):

Galaxian, Centipede, Defender, Galaga

Not sure, Ms. Pac Man, Missile Command (mini)

Gorf, Galaga ("new"), Great 1000 Mile Rally

Pac Land, Stargate, MAME machine, Defender

Battletoads (in Tapper cab), Thunder Blade

Badlands, WWF Wrestlefest

Ms. Pac Man, Galaxian

Hang-On, Arkanoid

Double Dragon II, Pole Position II, Neo Geo, Gorf

Centipede, Gauntlet, Galaga

Spy Hunter, Super Hang On, Speed Buggy, Qbert

Not sure, Star Wars (no monitor boards), Galaga, Chase H.Q.

720, Road Blasters, Galaga

MAME machine, Ms. Pac Man

Row 2:

Row 3:

Hm, looks like Do-Rag Guy in his usual perch... Alert watchers will notice the Rampage on the far left reappear at the Columbus auction Nov. 9th

My vote for worst conversion of the auction: the trackball game 2nd from the left:


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