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Indy Auction (April 20, 2002) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    To be kind, I've only loaded poor-quality thumbnails on this page. Click on the picture to take a look at the larger, clearer image, then hit your "Back" button to come back to this page.

    It's that time again, USAA auction time! While these auctions are much better for buyers than SuperAuctions (13% buyer's premium??? What?), they don't have as great of games as others I have heard about. As I posted last auction, from what I have seen so far from these most recent Indianapolis auctions, they're really only worth going to if you are looking for an old junker, a relatively common game, or one of the newer video games. If you're looking for a Sinistar, Tempest, Robotron, etc., you may be better off attending one of the Cleveland auctions, or the Super Auction in Mesquite, TX.

    This auction had great attendance by random off-the-street people, but very few video games. In fact, there were nearly as many pinball games as there were vids! This was especially surprising, given that SuperAuctions was running "Pinball at the Zoo" that weekend in Kalamazoo, MI, with a pinball auction in the morning. From my sources at Kalamazoo, there were few pins for auction, but many vids, go figure.

    I brought 3 of my own games to this auction. Pac-Man, formerly belonging to my girlfriend; Flash, a Williams pinball game from "The Deal"; Mata Hari, a Bally pinball game also from "The Deal". The Mata Hari did okay, but the Flash pin was a total waste of my time and money. It went for only $195, over $100 less than the first one auctioned - and that one was missing parts of the displays, and had a non-working flipper! The reason I brought them was not to get a huge amount of money for them, but I figured I'd at least get $300 apiece for the pins. I really need to buy a beater pickup so I can haul games to ship to eBay buyers, I would have done much better that way.

   Besides being a flustered ball of stress during this auction, I took the pictures below. No illusion - there's only the two rows of games! There were a couple of games there worth mentioning, like the TRON cocktail and the Timber, but the one that got everyone's attention was the brand-new Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command combo game. There was a Moon Patrol game that went extra-cheap that just needed a little TLC to get going again.

    Why so few games at this auction? I'm not sure. I did notice one thing missing (besides 60 games).. that familiar silhoutte perched on top of the game cabinets.. no I'm not talking about the USAmusements employee, I'm talking about the Buy-Back Guy.. Mr. Bandana.. you know the guy!  He usually brings a bunch of games, and that could account in part for the poor game turnout.

     I didn't stay for the end of the auction. In fact, I didn't even get all the prices of the first row vids due to a pinball emergency. I've been told the auctioneers said there would not be another USAmusement auction in Indianapolis until next January. This is of course subject to change, check their calendar later this summer. After the Columbus auction, they're done for the season I believe.

     After the vid pictures, there's some pics of my Flash and Mata Hari pins at the auction, and the other Flash and Mata Hari that was there.

    See if you can spot all the conversions in the below pictures, and send me an e-mail with your vote for the worst conversion of this auction. I'll start a running feature, and the conversion that gets the most votes from each auction will go into a special "Hall of Shame" section on the site. Check out the previous auctions I have pictures from on this site and submit candidates from those as well. Just make sure you tell me the picture name (right click and look for the "View Image" or similar option, it should tell you the file name) and which auction it's from. Submit your entries here.

Cocktail game:

TRON!! ($450)


Cockpit games of note:



Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom


Not technically a cockpit, but cool nonetheless: Dance Dance Revolution!


Also not technically a cockpit game, an EM shooter called GangBusters, working! ($165)


First Pathetic Row:

Ice Cold Beer ($205), Elevator Action ($170)


Hang-On ($140, DIM screen!), Timber ($450, rough), Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command combo ($2750, probably a buy-back)


Super Hang-On ($210), Video Trivia ($105)


Burger Time ($370), Rolling Thunder ($175), Turbo Mini ($160)


Pac Man (my ex's, $450), Galaga (rough cab, locks up at boot, $575), Millipede (can't destroy mushrooms! $285)


Turbo ($90, graphics problems), Rolling Thunder ($145), Donkey Kong Jr. ($280, no screen graphics or marquee, ALMOST boots)


Operation Wolf ($245, no sound?), Mappy ($175, missing backbox for marquee), Moon Patrol ($255, good deal!)


SubRoc 3D (broken, $50, working immediately after), Video Trivia ($80), Thunder Blade (pinball emergency so no more prices)


Track n Field, RallyX, Kangaroo


Root Beer Tapper ($380), Battle Toads, Air Raid


I can't really tell what these were, except candidates for a third row..


Second Row:



And now, the pins I brought to auction, and their evil twins:

My Flash Game ($195):

The backglass sucks, frankly, but the rest of the game isn't in bad shape considering it's 23..



My Mata Hari ($350):

The backglass is great, the playfield has some worn spots but isn't horrible.


The other "Flash" game at the auction ($300):

As you can see, the backglass is much better, but the playfield is about the same, and while you can't see it in this picture, the right side displays are missing a couple lines when turned on.


The other "Mata Hari" ($235):

Sitting right next to my Flash game. The backglass is in about as bad shape as the Flash game's, but the playfield has less wear than my Mata Hari.


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