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Indy Auction (Sept. 16, 2000) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    I took the following pictures at one of the USAmusements auctions held in Indianapolis, IN at the State Fairgrounds.  Lots of classic games there, though no great deals on anything I wanted in particular. Feel free to post or email questions about the games pictured here! I was not able to stay for the entire thing, so I only have prices for the cocktail games and the first row of classics. 27 pics, JPEG format, this may take some time to load. Sorry about the poor quality, I used a disposable camera, and did not have a great deal of time to crop the scanned pictures properly.

These first three pictures are of games from the last row.




The next ten are the center row, left and right.






Faces have been blurred to prevent lawsuits :)






Oooh, Super Chexx! It went for $700.


First row, in all it's glory! Double Dragon ($30, serious monitor problems), BattleZone ($250, some trace lines on display, extra board and manual included), World Series ($45), somethingBash ($115), Pole Position ($110, screwed-up monitor), Tri-Sports ($150, dead).


Aqua Jack ($200), Operation Wolf ($130), Avalanche ($65, dead), Warp Warp ($60, dead), Burger Time ($175).


Metamorphic Force ($100), Mappy ($160, weak monitor), Capcom Bowling ($210).


Sega Turbo ($250, mini-cab), Super Hang-On ($100), Spy Hunter ($390).


Karate Champ ($135, some monitor problems), Galaxian ($250), Ms. Pac ($525, had more damage than is obvious in this picture)


Hang-On ($150), Road Runner ($110, wouldn't power up).


Joust ($600), Robocop ($???), Ms. Pac (Repro art, $950).


In the Hunt ($100), Moon Patrol ($175), Dig Dug ($150), Ms. Pac mini w/cocktail CPO ($775), Gals Panic II ($200), Outrun ($220).


In order from back to front, Track and Field ($230), Crystal Castles (bad monitor, $425), Millipede ($325), Qix ($115, all boards, wouldn't power up), Super Cobra ($315), Galaxian ($275 w/Galaga board, DOA), Romar Trivia ($325, in a Joust cab, sniff!), Ms. Pacman (w/speed-up chip, started at $400, closed at 825).



This somehow ended up in the BACK row behind all the other pinballs! Anyone know what this one went for?


Look, an "ultra-rare" 'Pac-Man Fever' record!



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