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Indy Auction (January 13, 2001) Pics


  Just to let everyone know - I am in no way associated with US Amusements' auctions, nor are the games pictured in the Auction pages of my site mine, except as noted ("MINE! MINE! MINE!, for example"). I occasionally sell my own games there, or buy new games for my collection, but that's the extent of it. I would have thought that was perfectly clear, but apparently there's a number of folks out there who think otherwise.

    This auction marks the debut of my digital camera at this event. Because of this, I took a LOT of pictures. To be kind, I've only loaded poor-quality thumbnails on this page. Click on the picture to take a look at the larger, clearer image, then hit your "Back" button to come back to this page.

    I was extremely disappointed by the small number of games, period, at this auction. Apparently they got their stock out the door at the November auction, and people are saving their games for the next USAmusements auction. We can only hope. It was a good turnout, people-wise, at least, but most of the working classic games I saw auctioned went for near-EBay prices.

    If you're a bad-conversion spotter, this was the auction to attend. See if you can spot all the conversions in the below pictures, and send me an e-mail with your vote for the worst conversion of this auction. I'll start a running feature, and the conversion that gets the most votes from each auction will go into a special "Hall of Shame" section on the site. Check out the previous auctions I have pictures from on this site and submit candidates from those as well. Just make sure you tell me the picture name (right click and look for the "View Image" or similar option, it should tell you the file name) and which auction it's from. Submit your entries here.

Descriptions are above, the pics they're referring to are beneath. Here's "Cocktail Row", in the order they were auctioned:

Ms. Pac-Man (severe video problems) = $400 (later re-sold for.. $390!), Omega Race (no video, it beeps) = $115


Space Invaders ($350), Ms. Pac-Man = $400


Missile Command = $385, Mr. Do = $200


Crystal Castles = $200


First Row:

Pac-Man = $375, Gorf, non-working = $175 (later re-auctioned for $220), Arkanoid (Gorf conversion) = $130, Donkey Kong Junior = $425


World Rally = $115, Championship Sprint = $120, Ms. Pac-Man = $550, Galaga 3 = $325


Sega Turbo = $120, Asteroids = $400, Neo-Geo 1-slot = $260, Tron = $275


Pengo (non-working) = $70, Special Criminal Investigations = $240, Tournament Solitaire = $300?!?, Pac-Man (mini, video problems) = $450


Ameridarts = $130, Arkanoid = $110, Quartet = $210


Golden Axe (Super-Pac conversion, video problems) = $160, Time Killers = $185, Asteroids (dead monitor) = $210, Ms. Pac-Man = $400


Galaga = $800, Blasted ("rare") = $155, Road Riot 4WD = $140, Rally-X (nice) = $210, Capcom bowling = $130, Galaga = $800


Eagle Shot Golf = $160, Turbo Outrun = $200, TMNT = $150, Martial Champion = $100, Street Beat (cut electrical cord) = $50


Capcom bowling (dead) = $40, Championship Sprint = $110, Wrestlemania = $210, Pac-Man (dead monitor) = $390


Solitaire Challenge = $290, Defender (nice) unbelievably cheap at $425, Time Pilot (badly-worn marquee) = $125, Galaga = $525, why not more?


Asteroids (not working) = $110, Pac-Man (bizarre monitor problem) = $105, Pole Position = $210, World Race (non-working) = $55, Martial Champion = $135


Super Pac-Man = $160. Weird, a dedicated SuperPac went for as much as one converted to Golden Axe with a monitor problem??, Track 'n' Field = $115 - this one was working, why so low?, Playchoice 10 = $170, U.N. Squadron = $135, ESWAT (dead, formerly Moon Patrol) = $50, Grand Champion = $175


Second Row:




World Rampage, anyone?




There were so few vids here I decided to take pictures of pinball games. Skip ahead a bit if pins aren't your thing.


Wonder if Darva Conger owns one of these?


This is a neat-looking old game. Didn't play it, since some slackers were sitting on it most of the auction.



Badly-worn playfield :(


This game keeps making appearances at the Indy auction. Either it's the same person selling it each time and not getting what they want for it, or it's a really sucky game. Next time I'll start tracking the serial number :)


The end of the pins, and the beginning of the quest for the bad conversion of the auction. Here's the first candidate... looks nice but has anyone ever actually PLAYED this on location? I can't believe this is a dedicated cabinet for this game.


Here's another interesting cab.. looks like a dedicated Pac-Man, but there's something strange about it.. besides the strangely-compressed screen. Yes, that's the screen, the WHOLE screen.


We don't need no steenkin' LICENSE...


Speaking of bad reproductions.. I was told by a fellow auction-goer that this Galaga repro is an example of the infamous "Willis" repro.. see if you can spot all the differences in the expanded picture linked to this one! The cut-out kickplate sticker is a great touch.


Hmm.. something strange going on here.. that Gorf on the right doesn't look right :) It wouldn't be such a horrible conversion if the auctioneers didn't stick the two right next to each other!


Here's a better shot of the Track 'n' Field machine.. Don't understand why it went for so little, it seemed to work when the auctioneers were demoing it during the bidding for this game. The main focus of this picture is the stunning Super Pac-Man...


Compare and contrast the above to the hideous Golden Axe conversion pictured here. Even with monitor problems, the Golden Axe fetched as much as the SuperPac! I'm a Golden Axe fan, but is SuperPac really THAT BAD??!?


Another entry in the conversion "Hall of Shame"... Hey, I *LIKED* Moon Patrol!


I'm not quite sure WHAT the deal with this CP is.. watch it be from a prototype Asteroids or something. Anyone know?


One guy bought all these classics, probably with the intention of selling them on EBay. I wish I had the resources to do something like that on such a large scale. Maybe he'll put that Gorf/Arkanoid out of it's misery.


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