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PC and Internet Games

 Blue's News - The best page for general PC gaming and hardware news I've found yet!


 Boycott Starforce!Starforce is a copy-protection scheme that will break your PC over time. Learn which games and demos use it and avoid them!

 Star Control II - The Ur-Quan Masters are back in this port of the old PC game, works for Windows98, 2000, XP, etc.


 Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares Fansite – Not only does this site have detailed information about various game elements, it has add-ons to allow play in XP and over the internet!

 Diablo II Network - All the Diablo II news that's fit to print, and then some.


 Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project – This was an excellent RTS game, one of the first to use a 3D interface, and is multiplayer-capable. Ah, memories..

 Trade Wars Tips and Guides - Everything you ever wanted to know about TW but were afraid to ask.

 New and Totally Free Tradewars Games - Looking for a newly-banged game? You could find one linked from here.

 Uproar - Games playable from your browser include Blackjack, Bingo Blitz and Puzzle A-Go-Go (my fave).

 Yahoo! Games - The Internet's biggest timewasters including Poker, Blackjack, Chess, Bingo and Dominoes. - All I gotta says is "Dolemite!"

 Space Empires IV Play-By-Web - Just like the title says!

 Stompfest - Occasional LAN party a couple times a year, 2-3 days in Indianapolis, 300+ attendees, BIG money and prizes! Now under new management.

 Netheads  - LAN coffee shop based in Broadripple area of Indianapolis. Fantastic milkshakes, big-screen fragging and comfy chairs. – Electronic games for gamers on the go!


Arcade Games

 KLOV - The Killer List of Video Games. Good resource for finding info on game variants, among other things.


 WebMagic International Arcade Museum (KLOV/VAPS) Forums – Some overlap between these forums and RGVAC but less spam.

 Frappr Maps - RGVACRec.Games.Video.Arcade.Collecting members shown on this handy map!

 Frappr Maps – RGP – Rec.Games.Pinball members shown on THIS handy map!

 Atari Company - Confidential Documents - Read Andy Welburn's archive of scanned Atari Ireland docs!

 Atari VAX Mail, Memos and Status Reports: 1982-1992 - More archived Atari documents! - Search engine for arcade info, also some feature stories.

 Video Arcade Preservation Society (VAPS) - If you own an arcade game, register with VAPS.

 The Basement Arcade - Several sections devoted to specific games, and PAGES of links to collectors and operators. - Clay Cowgill's site. Lots of parts to be found here, as well as kits and Multi-JAMMA.

 Atari Vector Monitor Page - The definitive resource.


 The Secret Life of XY Monitors – In case the definitive resource wasn’t enough.


 Atari Vector Monitor Repair/Upgrade – Another excellent FAQ for Atari Vector repair

 Atari Space Duel Page - Info and links relating to this classic coin-op.

 Atari Document Library – Memos and other goodies from ATARI. Good reading!

 Bob Roberts - This man has PARTS!

 What's My Monitor? - A bonus link for Bob Roberts' site. ID your vid's monitor.

 Arcade Monitors – Good page with basic information about why your TV doesn’t do the same job an arcade monitor does.

 Arcade Restoration Workshop - Good info contained for restoring your games to their former glory.

 Arcade Shop Amusements – Parts, Supplies and Upgrades for video games. Great selection! Great resource for pinball games.

 Mr. Pinball - Much information here, again for pinball games.

 Williams Pinball MachinesGameArchive’s excellent pages showing Williams’ pinball games by Level.

 Mark’s Guide to Williams System 3-7 Troubleshooting and Repair – Title says it all!

 Action Pinball & Amusement - Want to see what work goes into restoring a pinball machine to it's former glory? Check it out..

 Marvin’s Pinball Repair Guides – Great resource for restoring pinball games, especially older vintages

 Beginning Pinball and Circuit Board Repair – Good resource for beginners repairing pinball games and circuit boards.

 Williams System 11 Pinball Repair – Good pages for repairing these old cranky things

 Restoring Arcade and Pinball Games – More from This Old Pinball

 Translite Box-Building Instructions – These detailed diagrams and instructions step you through the process of building a light-box for your pinball backglass or translate.

 USAmusement – The auctioneers for Indianapolis and Columbus arcade auctions, among others. Schedules on the site!

 Auction Game Sales – These folks concentrate on game auctions on the East coast, Tennessee and Texas.

 The Dead Battery Society – Information about the various games that use “Suicide Batteries”, mostly CAPCOM and SEGA.

 Lawnmowerman’s Board Batteries Page – Information about games that had on-board batteries. Found your game on this list? Check that battery!

 74xx Series Gates – Good information about everyone’s favorite IC.

 ChipDir – The chip directory! Plug in the chip number and the site will, um, tell you stuff about it.

  Fabulous Fantasies – Pinball and arcade game sales, restoration and gameroom products.

 Marco Specialties – Premiere site for pinball supplies! – Tips for video game servicing.

 Cornchip’s Revolver Arcade Project – Project page about building your own arcade cabinet.

 How To: Consolize an Arcade GameEngadget’s excellent tutorial for putting a homeless arcade game into a small cabinet that you can plug into your TV.


General Games

 The Great Game Database – Shows arcade, console, hand-held games as well as host for a gamer community. Check it out!


 The Danger Room - Indiana gaming store with locations in Anderson and Noblesville.


Web Design and Hosting

 Hostway Web Hosting  - Who to blame when the pages on this site load too slowly. - Search for copyright infringements on-line. - "HTML Tutorials for the rest of us".

 WebCom's HTML Resources Guide - THE online guide for HTML coding.

 Yale Style Manual - HTML page layout and coding information. A MUST HAVE along with "Web Pages That Suck".

 Web Pages That Suck - "Where you learn good Web design by looking at bad Web design."

 W3C Link Checker - My salvation :-)

 Opening a Windows using JAVAScript – Pretty self-explanatory

 Client-Side Imagemaps – The pretty pictures with links inside them are created using the information stored here.


 Vibe Streamer – Free MP3 streaming server. Set this up on your home PC and let your friends know how cool and obscure your musical taste is. Or be embarrassed by your ABBA collection. Your choice..


 SHOUTcast - Listen to folks' MP3 "radio stations" on the web.

 Spinner - Streaming audio over the Internet. Hundreds of channels to choose from, every genre imaginable.

 XFM - Dublin, Ireland - Streaming audio from the Emerald Isle.

 Fleming and John - Artist's website, take a listen to their work and be converted to a fan.

 Pollstar – The concert hotwire! Learn about when your favorite artist will be touring someplace you can’t get to, on a date you can’t get free for.

 United Trackers - Complete guide to everything relating to creating your own electronic music with your PC. Really!

 Curve - Official website of the coolest band on earth!

 Poe - Unofficial fan site for Poe, just back after a long absence from the charts.

 The Sisters of Mercy – Great Darkwave band, still around and kicking.

 AMG - All Music Guide - One of the best sites for finding out everything about your favorite artists, no matter how obscure. Combined with UBL, no stone is left unturned!

 Lycos MP3 Finder - Lycos! Fetch me some illegal Metallica MP3s!

News and Reference


 Flightstats – Track flight status, airport delays and other flight and airport information. The frequent traveler’s life-saver!


 The Political Compass – Where do YOU fall on the political grid? Left-wing? Conservative? Anne Coulter


 The Project Apollo Image Gallery – Hi-res photos from the Apollo moon landing missions!


 Google Groups - USENET news archive, searchable from the present to the beginning of the Internet. 

 NSI - WHOIS Lookup - Want to know who owns the site that posted nude pics of your sister? Start here!

 The Internet Movie Database - TV shows, as well. Save money on long distance by answering "Who's that character actor, the one with the bald head?" in 2 minutes instead of 8 hours.

 Merriam-Webster OnLine - When Microsoft Word's best just isn't good enough.

 World Wide Words – Interesting turns of phrase, origins of words, from a British viewpoint.

 DVD Easter Eggs - See if your favorite DVD has any hidden features. The egg for "Mallrats" is truly special.

 LibrarySpot - Encyclopedias, maps, libraries, and more..

 Baen Free LibraryBaen Books’ library of books is available in electronic format here!

 GSA Domestic Per-Diem Rates – Useful for those travelers who are on a government budget – how much can YOU spend in North Dakota?


 Depicus Wake-on-LAN Magic Packet Generator – Excellent utility for waking up sleeping PCs on your network!!


 Depicus WOL via the Internet – Use this page to wake up your PCs from outside your network, if you’ve set your packet forwarding to allow it.


 How to: Wake on LAN – Tutorial how to set your system to wake remotely.


 DD-WRT – Wikipedia entry about a Linux version that runs on your Linksys WRT54G wireless router!


 Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ – Great collection of pages with various technology repair-related instructions.


 Pocket PC  Thoughts - Informative site regarding PDA devices and accessories using M$' Pocket PC OS.


 802.11 Configuration for Windows CE – Good reference doc for getting on-line with your PocketPC.

 Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide - From AT+T, it's the guide that's going to start the cybersecurity war to end 'em all: AT+T vs Steve Gibson!

 Shields UP! Internet Connection Security Analysis - Steve Gibson's famous site. Test your system's security here!

 CD-Recordable FAQ - Everything you wanted to know about CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-RAM drives.

 NetworkICE - Common TCP/UDP Ports List - Useful reference for firewall users seeing activity on odd ports.

 Trojan Horses and Their Default Ports - The name says it all.

 OpenVMS Documentation - SEE the amazing Compaq/DEC creation's docs! AMAZE your friends with trivial DCL!

 Wired Online - WIRED magazine's on-line news site.No substitute for the magazine, but it's very useful.

 Tom's Hardware Guide - PC hardware, dumbass. Get your mind out of the gutter. Really, I'm ashamed of you!

 AnandTech - A great resource for PC hardware information, reviews, etc.

 Dan’s Data – PC hardware reviews and tutorials, from Down Under. Caution – exploding batteries and perpetual-motion devices debunked here.

 Broadband Reports – Rumor, innuendo, slamming of telcos, and news, too: it’s all here.

 Fresnel Lenses – Exciting guide to the fun-filled world of 3-D-like displays. Someday I WILL build a Battletech module! – Devoted to helping you puzzle through the intricacies of creating videos playable on a PC.

 The Digital Archive Project – Site dedicated to archiving old series like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Max Headroom.

 Hack The RAZR – Dedicated to helping you unlock the Motorola RAZR family of cellphones. Why pay Verizon to do what the phone can do natively?!

 Motherboard Memory and CPU Overclocking Guide – The name says it all!

 Overclockers Forums – Bulletin board chock-full of articles and help regarding overclocking your processor/memory/graphics card/fluffy bunnies.

 LabMice’s Windows Server 2003 Resource Center – Good source of information for Win2K3.

 ServePath’s Getting Started with your Win2K3 Dedicated Server – Info about creating users, activating IIS roles like FTP.

 Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools – Microsoft’s Win2K3 Resource Kit. Tools to make administering Win2K3 just a tiny bit easier.

 Windows Server 2003 – IIS Isolation – How to isolate web apps within Win2K3 IIS 6.0

 Outlook and Exchange Local Storage “Personal Folders” – If you have trouble figuring out where your off-line email storage is, or how to create such a beast, this is the page for you!  



 The Order of the Stick – You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. Ahead is a stick figure. What do you do?


 xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.


 Museum of Depressionist Art - Great works of art re-worked and re-interpreted for a modern sensibility.

 UserFriendly - Good daily cartoon for techies.

 The Register - UK news rag, also home of the Bastard Operator From Hell column. Search for BOFH.

 Mullets Galore - "Fear the mullet!"

 Urban Legends Reference Pages - A site about that girl who woke up in a bathtub of ice with her kidneys missing, and other nonsense your friends forward you e-mail about.

 Camp Chaos Cartoons - The ultimate bad-asses of the Internet cartoon world. Home of the "Napster BAD!" Metallica spoofs.

 Rock and Roll Confidential’s Daily Douchebag – Photos of bands that need an image consultant. Badly!

 Tech Tales – The funniest tech support stories on the Internet. “Oh, I have to turn it ON?!”


Apple Newton The only animated .GIF that appears on my entire site.

 Dash Board - Desktop for Newton 2x00 Message Pads.

 Newton SimpleMail - Connect to POP/SMTP email servers with your Newton.

 LunaSuite - Access Email, FTP, HTTP services with your Newton.

 Avi Drissman's Newton Stuff - Many utilities for use with the Newton.

 TUCOW'S Newton Software - The best public free/shareware Newton app site I know of.

 Newton Resources - Yet another Newton software archive page, with some instructional materials.

Job Search-Related

 Indianapolis Job Seekers


 Robert Half Technology

 ResumeRabbit – Get your resume posted to dozens of job sites!



General Shopping

 GotApex – Deals and Coupon codes! Holy bargains, Batman! All those limited-time deals on other shopping websites, detailed here


 Slickdeals – What, GotApex not enough for you? Are you a sadist or what?  Well, this site’s got more, other deals for you!


 TechBargains – Okay. You and I need to talk. You have a coupon problem. But, I can help..  


 Epinions – Everyone has an Epinion about SOMETHING.. post yours and help shoppers world-wide!


 Pricegrabber – Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare.. so they say – A site. Where you shop. Radical.


 Shopzilla – Up from the depths, 30 stories high, breathing fire, it stands in the sky! Shopzilla! Shopzilla! Shopzilla!


 Yahoo! Shopping – Yahoo!’s shopping mall


 Frys – The best electronics store in the world, on the Web


 eCost – Online discount superstore for home electronics, computers, laptops, MP3 players


 Overstock.comKinda like BigLots, but on the Web


 SmartBargains – Your PERSONAL bargain hunter


 Woot – One Day, One Deal. Outlet – Yes, Amazon has an outlet store. Amazon has everything. Except bunnies. Cute, fluffy bunnies.


 Dell Outlet – Refurbished computers, and twice as many bunnies as their competitors.


 HP Shopping – HP has a shopping site. Fiorina-free since February 9, 2005.


 Amazing Bargains – The Bargains! They are AMAZING! Coupons, discounts, and did I mention, BARGAINS?


 Broadband Reports’ Hot Deals – More codes/coupons/specials listed here!


 EBates – I hate rebates. I don’t know if E-rebates are an improvement. And it’s a sign-up site. Click if you dare!



Specialized Products


 Blik Invader – Space Invader decals for your wall!


 Pocket Pal Solar Charger – Small solar array for charging your iPod, PocketPC, cell-phone, etc.


 The Ring Lord Chainmail – They sell everything from loose rings to full suits of armor! Very cool stuff.


 RM Type Ring Making Machine – This is a machine used to make chain mail links!


 Flavia Fusion Drinks Station – I got addicted to Flavia espresso at the office and had to have that great taste at my home. Okay, it’s convenient, single-serving coffee and cocoa. Still, it’s good.


 PhotoGlow – Back-lit picture frames. Great for displaying pinball translites and arcade game marquees.


 DSI International’s EZ Remote Outlet – This package has 3 electric outlets, each controlled by one 3-button remote. I use this to turn on my arcade games.




Ruth Thompson's Tarnished Images - I see Ruth every year at GenCon, she always remembers me! Fantasy artwork.


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